Individual Identity verification in Nigeria

Beverified is the best KYC solution and authentication service in Nigeria.
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Identity Data Verification

We provide multiple verification and authentication slutions for different documents.

Government Issued Voters Card


International Passport

RC Number

Drivers License


Artificial Intelligence Enabled Authentication Algorithm.

We have specially designed artificial intelligence enabled algorithms for cross data matching and authentication, thus providing accurate and reliable results for all queries.

ID Face Matching

Facial Enrollment

Facial Recognition

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Why Beverified Our Uniqueness

A glance at our uniqueness and special attributes.

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Verify Identity card from all states in Nigeria

AI - Powered Solution

Low price

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Easily verify users Identity by using the beverified API inline or API standard. You can easily integrate the Beverified API to drastically eliminate to the cost and hassle of manually verifying individual identities. Implementing Beverified data matching on your website/application allows you to personalize web pages with contact or visitor information. Contact support for more info on how to integrate Beverified API to your website/Applications."
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Our Solutions

Identitypass for every Industry.

Catch Fake
Photo IDs

Beverified uses advanced automated and artificial intelligence to detect fraud to meet regulatory compliance with ID verification

Meet Compliance

Facilitate due diligence and comply with increasing mandates, including AML (Anti Money Laundering), KYC (Know Your Customer), GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and PSD2 (Payment Services) directives

Improve Verification

Beverified AI algorithms protect you against forged, counterfeit and camouflaged ID documents by quickly and automatically spotting anomalies that indicate fraud.

Introducing Beverified PIN

Get Identified instantly

Our new beverified PIN allows you pass security checks without going through the hassle of verification every single time for as low as NGN799

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